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What's the untapped asset on LinkedIn you're not using? Recommendations.

Having a robust LinkedIn profile will help attract the right kind of attention from job recruiters, grow a strong professional network and is a great place to showcase your work, experience and skills. If you need help with this, I'm happy to chat about how I can help optimize your LinkedIn profile!

However, there's a portion of your profile that may be laying dormant as untapped self-marketing potential. What am I talking about? The recommendations section offering that LinkedIn has added into profiles. The face value of this feature should be easy to pinpoint. It allows people in your network to write great things about you and your work, and then for those words of affirmation to be featured on your profile. Think of it as a work-related version of best-selling book reviews you see on the inside sleeve of the book cover.

The other great thing is that you can request recommendations from specific people in your network. If you have a great relationship with a colleague or coworker, consider requesting a recommendation for something specific that they know you do well, and fits within your personal brand identity and career goals. If you provide a service and have a client you know was very happy with your work, consider asking them to give a recommendation.

In the spirit of giving back, remember you can also write recommendations for people in your network. I'm a big advocate of supporting one another and paying it forward. Perhaps you write a recommendation for someone as a thank you for receiving one from them. I will say, make your recommendation requests strategically. You want to be sure that what people are saying is what you want to be said about you.

If you're looking for additional help optimizing your LinkedIn profile, reach out! I'd love to chat more about how I can help develop your brand and reach career goals.


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