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Up your writing game to elevate your blog

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Coming up with new content can be a nightmare, but there are attainable ways to up your blogging game.

After ghost writing for clients for years, I've taken up blogging on my own website while other people hone in on dormant passions or discover new hobbies during this quarantine season. My not-so-glamorous brainstorming session for this week's entry left me stumped, but I eventually stumbled on a blog topic — how to choose a blog topic. For bloggers, especially new ones, the challenge of coming up with new, quippy, catchy and engaging content can be daunting. It's true that there's no formula or best-kept secret formula to writing great content, but here are some industry tips that can take any blog post to the next level.


Blogs that have a piece of you, or your company brand, woven throughout make the best content. ​The wealth of knowledge that you have, whether it's about communications and marketing, fashion, art and music, or whatever your expertise is, can provide a solid foundation. Plus, if those are your passions then it should keep things fun and interesting for you, which will transfer to your readers.

Focus on your strengths and what comes naturally to you. For organizations, think about the type of content your target audience would most likely engage with. For example, a coffee shop blog might share pour over techniques and affordable espresso machine roundups. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it's something that's within your wheelhouse and engaging to your intended audience.


No matter how often you post, readers should feel like they're stepping right back into a conversation with the same person or brand – you. Consistency in tone and style can be trademarked with humor, sarcasm, stream of consciousness, informative updates, a saying included in every post or a slew of other literary tools. For example, Pabbi: The Coffee Edit ends the opening paragraphs of every entry reviewing the writers' most recent coffee shop visits with "Here's how it all went down." Readers have come to expect it and it sets the tone for the casual but quippy reviews.


I know — I just said to stick to what you know and now I'm telling you to diverge. The truth is, even the most seasoned bloggers hit a brick wall or writers' block, so don't beat yourself up if it happens to you. If your blog is theme oriented, it may be tricky to change the topic, but it's never bad to think outside of the box. You could also try out a new writing style, especially if you're writing on a personal blog where the stakes to be experimental are relatively low. Use the real estate you own to try new things.


I'd be remiss to leave this out. Always market yourself. Leverage your following of friends, family and coworkers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Your existing network and support group can be one of your biggest assets to get more eyeballs on your content, which may bring in more clients.

If you're promoting on LinkedIn, be sure your profile is up to snuff to impress your readers.


The best way to kill your content is with a silly grammar or spelling mistake. I speak from experience when I say this and anyone who's made a mistake caught too late will say the same. Do whatever works for you – edit in the platform, write in a Word document and use spell check, ask a friend to review for a set of fresh eyeballs. Whatever you do, make sure you read and then reread your content before you push the publish button.

If you're in the market for a strategic writer or copy editor, let's chat more! I'd love to help with your content planning and creation!


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